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We Do Not Just Think of Ideas... We Make Them Happen

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Television Installation

Yes we mount all sizes of flat panels.  What's different about our services is that we specialize in making it look clean with no wires showing, no power cords, hiding the equipment when desired.  We can provide mounts, cables, and other accessories that you may need. We come prepared for almost any scenario.

Sound System/Audio Installation

We design, sell and install a variety of sound systems. We can design a system from a simple 5.1 surround or Soundbar for your living room to something a little more grand.  We also do whole house audio systems so that you can listen to your favorite music or listen to tv in any room you want.  Outdoor speakers are fun and add so much to the experience.

Home Theater Installaion

For the complete Theater experience we design, sell and install projections, large panel screens with in-wall and ceiling speakers or free standing speakers from 5.1 to 11.2 systems.  We can upgrade your system with Atmos sound and incorporate a remote that controls the system at the touch of one button.  We make it simple to use so hat your system works for you not the other way around. 

Surveillance Systems and Installation

There is a big difference between systems that record to the cloud and those that record to your own Network Video Recorder.  Equally there are huge differences between "wireless" cameras and wired Camera system options.  Both have advantages and disadvantages.  We can help you choose the system that best fits your needs.

Cutting Cable and Satellite

We can help you with cutting you cable or satellite bill and streaming from your favorite services.  If you're interested in an antenna we have options that can provide an average of 60 channels over the air.


If your home has a mess like this, for the love of Pete please call us! We hate wires showing too.  And we're cheaper than a divorce lawyer!


Routers, Access Points and Mesh Networks

Sometimes placement of your equipment is just as important as what equipment you buy.  A common pitfall is putting a router in a kitchen or garage. We can explain the difference between wifi extenders and wired access points. Get rid of your rented equipment and take control of your speed back from from the provider.

Outdoor TV and Sound

We sell and install Outdoor rated Smart TV's and weather resistant sound systems.  We can even hide the speakers so that their heard not seen and blend in with the environment.

Yes, We Can Install Equipment You Already Own.

We install a lot of equipment.  If you already own the tv, sound or other equipment, give us a call and we will provide an estimate for installation.

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Don't know what to buy?

Call us and we can help you pick out the right products for you.  We sell most major brands.

Estimates and Bids

Call today for a Free In-Home Estimate.

Expert Guidance

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