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Very Sound Advice TN

"What do you charge hourly?"

When we estimate a job we do so with the completion of the job in mind.  We bid our jobs with a total price in mind and if it takes longer than expected you don't get charged for additional time spent.  The total on our estimate is the final total.  The only additional charges within reason would be add on services to the original quote.  Some in our industry do work by the hour, however it is a comfort with Very Sound Advice TN knowing what your final total will be before we even begin.

"Will you provide an estimate of your services?"

We often receive requests for an "estimate for installation" before we meet to do a consult and site survey. Such a quote can be a disservice-because each home or business is a unique space with regard to size, shape, surface materials and a variety of other factors. Our commitment is to give careful consideration to the physical space - plus - develop a deeper sense of what each client needs in the finished result.  


We may ask a lot of questions and provide a general quote over the phone or we may request to set up a visit for a more detailed walk-through.  In either case, we will recommend the right solution for your environment with a pledge not to oversell. Call us for some Very Sound Advice!

" What forms of payment do you accept?"

We accept Visa, Master Card, Checks, Cash and Venmo.

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